Call for Papers: International Journal on Contemporary Laws


International Journal on Contemporary Laws (ISSN: 2464-6504) is a double-blind reviewed annual academic journal published by the International Organisation called Chronicle Drafts which seeks to provide a forum for creation and publication of original knowledge on various contemporary areas of Law.

The Editorial board comprises of distinguished lawyers, academicians and experts who scrutinize the work sent and submitted by the applicants and take pride in delivering this journal.

Sub-themes for this Volume

  • International & Humanitarian Law
  • Public Law and Governance
  • Business Laws
  • IPR, Technology and Innovation Laws
  • Administration of Justice
  • Death penalty
  • Democracy and Rule Of Law
  • Judicial Crisis In India
  • Human Rights and the Environment
  • Arbitrary and Extrajudicial executions

This list is merely illustrative and we are happy to discuss other areas of interest as well.

We generally encourage submissions with a developing country perspective or a comparative approach that benefits the developing world.


Articles (between 6000-8000 words including footnotes): Articles should provide a sustained analysis of various legal topics. It could be doctrinal or empirical and should comprehensively deal with relevant literature on the chosen subject to formulate viable assertions.

Short Notes (3000-5000 words including footnotes): Short notes should be shorter versions of articles which should indicate a central thesis and argument flowing throughout the piece. The nature of the note should be analytical and descriptive and should mainly deal with contemporary developments.

Book Reviews (1500-2500 words including footnotes): Book Reviews may be solicited and unsolicited pieces which critically examining a book released within the two years preceding the release of the current issue of the IJCL. The book review shall entail an examination of ideas promoted by the author of the book from the point of view of originality, extent of analysis and tenability.

Book Reviews shall describe the subject of the review clearly, including the name of the book, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the date of publication, and, the edition number if applicable.

Case Comments / Legislative Reviews (1500-2500 words including footnotes): Case Comments / Legislative Reviews maintained in tandem with the latest legal developments in India. The author can choose a relevant and recent case or legislation (Central or State) to assess critically.
Co-authored papers / Papers with multiple authors should not exceed more than two authors.

Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for publication.


1. The last date of paper submissions is 25th July, 2018.

2. A confirmation mail will be sent by 30th July, 2018 to the authors whose work has been shortlisted for publication.

3. Dispatch of the copies within a week from the date of publication of result.

Submission Procedure

Authors are encouraged to use UK English in submissions.

The electronic copy of submissions has to be made to or can be uploaded directly to our website Contributors must submit their work in MS Word format (.doc or .docx extensions), Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing with font size of 12 for main text and 10 for footnotes with single-line spacing. PDF/other formats will not be accepted.

The submission must be sent alongwith a cover page including the Title of the Paper Name of the Author(s), Institution/Affiliation, Address, Designation/Post, Address.

An submissions not in accordance with the prescribed format shall be rendered void.

For the official notification and in order to contact us, please visit


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