Call for Papers :Global Media Journal- Indian Edition


Deadline for submission: 31st March 2016

In this context, articles are invited for the June 2016 Issue of Global Media Journal Indian Edition which may be related (but not exhaustively limited) to the following subthemes:

1. Expansion of Internet and Social Media

2. Social Media and redefining self

3. Social Media and politics, political struggle and political change

4. Social Media and Globalisation

5. Social Media and state, governance etc.

6. Social Media and Ethics

7. Social Media and Justice

8. Social Media and Censorship

9. Social Media and Conflict

10. Social Media and Modern Media: mediatisation of media

11. Social Media and Identity and Empowerment

12. Social Media and Social Political Constructs

13. Social media and Language; Language of Social Media

14. Social Media and Business

15. Social Media and Public-Private Sphere Conflict


Please see ‘Submission Guidelines’

All submissions should be accompanied by the following information which should be presented on the front page only:

(a) Article title,

(b) Author name/s,

(c) Current position/affiliation,

(d) Brief biography (approximately 50 words),

(e) Email and mail addresses,

(f) A brief abstract (approximately 200 words)

(g) Five to ten keywords reflecting the contents of paper,

(h) Word count (excluding notes)

(i) The URL for author/s’ personal web page

(k) A brief statement that clearly indicates the article/review etc is not submitted simultaneously for consideration to any other publication.

Word Limit: For Articles: Approximately 7000 words, excluding notes. Students’ Research: Approximately 7000 words, excluding notes. Commentaries: Between 2500 and 3500 words. Book Reviews: Approximately 1500 words. Book Review submissions and queries should be directed to Prof. Buroshiva Dasgupta, Book Review Editor, Email: with a cc to, All papers/ submissions must be submitted via electronic attachment to the following Email addresses:– Prof. Saumendranath Bera Editor, Global Media Journal- Indian Edition Email:,