Why Firms should hire Fresh Out of College Graduates? A list of Advantages

Every law student in India faces various obstacles in scoring a nice job opportunity, fresh out of college. While there may be various organizations, who are ready to hire those individuals having a minimal experience of 2 years, one can rarely find opportunities which are seeking fresh graduates with no work experience at all.

To such firms, there lies a difficulty, when the curriculum in the various law colleges and universities teach every subject and aspect of law to the student and yet fail to accustom him to the practicality of all such subjects and even though internships come into play, they only give a gist of the entire hemisphere of the working ways.

Law firms and other such organizations who are in need of advocates are keen on hiring those individuals who have such enthusiasm and knowledge, which can be unbeaten and useful for them in carrying out the hefty duties. Further, they are aware that any person who has a newly developed potential will show and work with precision and dedication as he wants to achieve the high ends. However, they are resisting to hire fresh graduates due to their lack of knowledge about the practical atmosphere.

However, in all of these complications, law firms should also consider the many advantages that they may have in hiring the fresh new graduates. These, including the immense amount of the work put in by the individual in proving his worth, thereby working for days and nights without considering twice, are something, which they may not find in the experienced candidates.

  • The hiring firms are always on the lookout for such candidates, who have a go-get attitude, or the potential to charm the clients. Such a tendency to mesmerize the one in the front is necessary to keep the clients faith in the services of the firm are very much available in the fresh graduates.
  • Fresh graduates can also be appealing to any law firm as they have a skill of getting anything done in such a way, which cannot be thought of by any experienced lawyer. These shortcuts, not illegal or unprofessional reflect the need of having a person who is swift in his or her ways.
  • Communication skills are of utmost importance, while hiring a candidate and the fresh graduates are excelling in these skills. It is not that the experienced candidates lack in the communication aspect of their jobs, however, the graduates are more into charming their way into anything by the way of their language. The drafts that they create are new in their forms, which have become a need of the hour, in this era.
  • Multitasking is something which attracts any big law firm. An individual, who is a fresh graduate, has, since their college days, the potential to juggle many tasks at once, while being able to successfully divide his concentration on all.

All such qualities are of a great use in this environment, where the will to work and the dedication put into that work, defines in any law firm and these qualities are readily available in the individuals who have finished their education in the recent past. Therefore, maybe a time has come where the firms should consider giving opportunities to these people for starting the trend of new generation philosophies.


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