71 years of Indian Independence and the Struggle Continues

It has been 71 years since India gained independence from the British Colonial System and it has been 71 years since the continuous struggle that the citizens of our nation are going through while overcoming the various social, moral, racial and gender evils.

On this 71st Independence day, when our Hon’ble Prime Minister talked about the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and the importance of the Kashmir issue, it is time that India looks back on the different obstacles that lie before it, in gaining independence, in its true sense.

“Na gaali se samasya sulajhne wali hai, na goli se, samasya suljhegi har Kashmiri ko gale lagane se”, as Mr. Narendra Modi talked about the importance of working peacefully towards the issue that even the Supreme Court is having a hard time dealing with, it is time to work for achieving the true sense of peacefulness which is required for preventing the cross border violations against both the countries.

While he expressed his sympathies for all those people who were victims of the natural calamities that the Nation faced in the last year, it is time to take steps for curbing the environmental pollution caused, maybe for a global cultural event or for a big statue of a historical ruler, which is the root cause of all natural calamities.

While the Hon’ble PM discussed about the endeavors of the country in tackling the various crimes, it is high time that we fought against the harassment, cyber bullying and the sensitiveness of the nation and its authorities with respect to its women and children, the equality in wages, the marital rape cases and the child suicides due to the online games and trends of these ages.

71 years of India’s independence and it is time that we worked towards the betterment of our society, rather than thinking, talking, discussing and debating. In the 21st century, when the nation is killing its brotherhood, in the name of cow vigilantism, and when the citizens have started taking offence for minute jokes, it is extremely necessary that the Nation and its people start working towards the real issues and raise their voices in real life in addition to the social networking sites.

This was the fourth speech of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, at the Red Fort since he entered the office. In his previous addresses to the nation, he has listed out his vision for the nation. This year he is also expected to address the issues raised by the citizens on his official website under an initiative where people were asked to give their suggestions for his Independence Day speech.

In his speech, he stated that, “Our army, our bravehearts, every personnel in uniform and not only the army, navy, the IAF, have shown their capability and grit whenever there was a situation. Our heroes never shied away from sacrifices” and it seems as if it is time that we sacrifice our age old beliefs too.


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