4th ILNU National Quiz Competition at Connaissance 8.0

The Quiz Committee of Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, takes immense pleasure to present to you the 4thILNU National Quiz Competition  which shall take place on 17th September 2017 at ILNU, Ahmedabad campus during the annual literary fest “Connaissance 8.0”.

This year we have two quizzes as a part of this year’s literary fest. The details for the two quiz competitions are given below.

Registration Fee

Armageddon: The General Quiz – Rs. 200

Bizakaze: The Business Quiz – Rs. 200

Registration: Click here

Be prepared to tackle questions on everything and anything as per the Quizzes.

Awards and Prizes

Top three winners from each quiz shall be awarded with cash prize.

Certificate of participation shall be awarded to all the participants.

“To Learn is Human, To Quiz is Divine. So, Step up!”

Why to wait then? Come celebrate the thrilling quizzing experience with us. Test your knowledge, win cool prizes, and have a great day of fun!


For any query, feel free to contact:

Nitesh Bhandari, 7043916601

Avdesh Mandloi, 7874891101

Looking forward to seeing you,

Quiz Committee ILNU

Brochure: Event-proposal




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