2 Day Conference on the theme “Environment Protection and Animal Rights”

Centre for Advocacy and Research in Environmental and Animal Protection (CARE-AP) of National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi is organizing a 2 Day Conference on the theme “Environment Protection and Animal Rights”. The event is scheduled to take place on 8-9 September 2018. 
About The Conference: 

Environmental protection and animal rights represent two such facets of environmental law jurisprudence that needs to be critically analysed in present times. Though discussions on environmental protection abound, there is always a scope to ponder upon some issues which are in pressing need of care and attention. The two day conference is an occasion to deliberate upon these issues in detail with critical insight so that some fruitful contribution could be made to the existing corpus of environmental law jurisprudence, especially as regards the protection of animal rights. The conference aspires to be instrumental in evolving a feasible framework aimed at finding solution to problems relating to issues aforementioned.
The conference provides an opportunity to students, academicians, law professionals among others to put forward their research and share their knowledge on wide range of topic relating to environment, animal rights and other related subjects. The conference also brings public speakers of the highest knowledge and experience to our campus to share their thoughts and ideas.
The purpose of the conference is to provoke discussion and debate about a range of topics and including subjects like energy sustainability and the value of wealth, or prevention of cruelty to animals. The agenda is kept deliberately broad and the discussions are intended to be accessible to a general audience. The conference program offers high-level content relevant not only to students but also to advocates, policy advisors, academics, judicial officers and a range of non-government organizations.
Themes: Environment Protection and Animal Rights
Sub Themes:
  1. Cruelty to Animal, Animal Sacrifices and Role of State.
  2. Protection of Marine Animal Resources.
  3. Medical Experiments on Animals: Issues and Challenges.
  4. Animal Rights and Ethical concerns.
  5. Animals and Sports
  6. Animals, Industries and the Laws 
  7. Wildlife and Biodiversity
  8. Environmental legislation, regulation and sustainability
  9. Environmental Pollution : Growing menace and effect on health
  10. Mining and Environmental Degradation 
  11. Urban Planning, resource efficiency and Waste management
  12. Hazardous Waste and Environmental impact
  13. Carbon Economy and Carbon Neutrality.
  14. Deserts and Desertification

Who Can Attend:

The organizers is pleased to invite the participation of academicians, students and legal professionals at the Conference. 
Registration Details: 

Last Date for Abstract Submissions: 16th July 2018

Last date for final Paper submission: 15th August 2018

Last Date for payment of fees: 25th August 2018  

E-mail id for Submissions: careap@nusrlranchi.ac.in


Date: 8-9th September 2018
Venue: National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, At-Nagri, PO- Bukru, Kanke Pithoria Road, Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834006.  
For more details, please find attached herewith the brochure or visit: nusrlranchi.in/2018/06/21/2-day-conference-on-environment-protection-and-animal-rights/
For any query feel free to contact: 
Student coordinator:
Madhusraba Mohanty, Email: mohantymadhusraba@gmail.com , Ph. +91-7992297933
Chakradhari Shubham, Email: shubhamsinghr123@gmail.com, Ph. +91-7763933053
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