10 years Imprisonment each for both the rape cases, Justice has been served: Baba Ram Rahim Rape Case

August 28, 2017 is set to go down in history as one of the days when the judiciary retained its tag as the hero. This can be observed after the CBI Court has pronounced a sentence of Rigorous Imprisonment for a term of 20 years, that is 10 years each, for both the cases. This sentence will run concurrently and consecutively.

While the Counsel acting on behalf of the accused had submitted that the quantum of sentence should be short as the latter has been actively involved in social works, CBI Judge Mr Jagdeep Singh gave more importance to the fact that the victim was a minor and had not been the only one aggrieved by the Baba’s tyranny.

Along with the sentence, the accused ‘Godman’ has been slapped with a fine of 30 lakhs, of which 14 lakhs each shall be paid to the victims, as compensation.

It has also been reported that Ram Rahim, after the pronouncement of the sentence, broke down in front of the Court and had to be dragged out by the authorities.

With a decision that can be rightfully stated as a just sentence, it is needless to state that this year has tll now, been the year for justice!


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