10 Reasons to be proud being a Law student

Entering in a law school brings some changes in you, how you see the world, how you take actions, personality and more. There are few things which will make you Proud being a Law Students. Here we compiled 10 of such things as follows:


  1. Knowledge

Law students have an inherent edge over other students as the profession deals with wide variety of matters and there’s a law for almost everything under the sun and beyond. It involves a lot of reading and constantly acquiring information relating to almost every field of expertise. Students need to be updated with the worldly affairs, the evolving laws and the current political and economical scenario of the world which makes them a lot more knowledgeable and properly informed than their peers in other fields.

  1. Social sensitivity

Most of the legal cases showcase the harsh reality of life and while dealing with them, the students become empathetic. It also helps in building a sense of righteousness, fairness and ethical values. Students become socially aware and conscious. It inspires them to be responsible citizens and helps them realize and maintain the nobility of the profession at a later stage. Whereas, this may not be true of people in the other fields.

  1. Dealing with pressure and stress

Law is undoubtedly one of the tedious subjects and demands a lot of effort. It is not easy to study law and a lot of sweat goes into it. The students are constantly busy and hardly have time to sleep. With projects, moots, assignments, exams, research papers and presentations, they have a full plate and this teaches them to manage the humongous amount of work efficiently, meet the deadlines and still give time for one’s personal lives. The students learn to live with the pressure early which will come handy when they’re out of college.

  1. Analytical skills

More often than not, the legal cases are very complex and the solution is not very obvious which is why the assistance of the lawyers is a requirement to the clients. Since law students are taught the approach to the cases, they are taught how to think not what to think, it stands as one of the biggest advantages. These skills not only aid the professional life but they’re useful on the personal front as well. These are much coveted skills and law students have every reason to be proud of themselves for they are on their way to mastery of their skills.

  1. Decision-making

Given the circumstances and a set of facts, the students are expected to solve a particular case in the light of the prevailing law. Their analytical skills play a pivotal role in coming to a conclusion after much deliberation. Logical thinking is enhanced and even at the instance of seemingly impossible-to-win cases, the students come up with brilliant solutions. This eventually makes things easier in real life scenarios.

  1. Critical thinking

Critical Thinking is something that is valued both in the university setting and in the professional situations you will find yourselves in after you graduate, and is part of lifelong learning. Critical thinking is important in life as it helps you to think creatively – ‘out of the box’. It keeps you from becoming narrow minded. Law students are not new to this skill. It is an integral part of their lives and curriculum and they reap the benefits of it.

  1. Communication skills

Law is one of the professions which is directly linked with words. How those words are put into writing or expressed verbally has a lot of potential in deciding the fate of a case. While the students learn the nuances of legal writing, they also learn to effectively put their point across without ruffling any feathers. The art of tactfully persuading people is learnt at an early stage.

  1. People management

Building contacts and maintaining relations is crucial to be successful in the legal profession. Law school teaches the art of managing people. Diplomatically handling people and smoothing tensions is an art that only the law students can boast of. Charishma is one of the quality of the law students and it most certainly proves to be an asset in the long run.

  1. Nobility of the profession

When utilized in the right way, the legal profession can help many people get access to the justice they deserve. It’s one of the few important platforms through which the problems of the public can be addressed. It restores the faith in the judicial system and the principles of equity and fairness and lawyers are the medium through which it is possible. Indeed, a matter to take pride in.

  1. The power to change the law of the land

One of the privileges the law students enjoy is that, after becoming lawyers, they hold the power to change the way the government of their land functions. They have the power to transform everything for better. On the other hand, if the power is misused, it might also lead to destruction. They, as people, hold the power to change the world. When that power is put to  constructive use, miracles happen.


Written by:

Vyshanavi Moola, Campus Ambassador, SLS Hyderabad


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